Sunday, November 15, 2009

3 Different Types of Document Scanners

Are you in need of a document scanning solution for your business? Companies of all sizes are discovering that they need a high-quality professional scanner to make their jobs easier. The most important thing to know when buying this product is that there are three core types of document scanners which are each different from one another.
Those three types of document scanners are:
Flatbed Scanner. This type of document scanner is probably the type that you have already used before. This is the type of scanner which requires you to lift the lid of the scanner and to place the sheet to be scanned on a piece of glass. The image scanner within the machine moves across the page and scans it in this manner.

Sheet-Fed Scanner. The sheet-fed scanner actually works in much the same way as the flatbed scanner. The difference for you as a user is that you don’t place the sheet that you are scanning on to the glass. Instead you feed the sheet through the scanner.

Hand Held Scanner. Not too many people have used the handheld scanner but it is good for certain types of businesses. As the name suggests, you actually hold the scanner and move it across the page that you wish to scan.

Before buying a document scanner you should figure out which of these three types of scanners are most appropriate to your business. That will narrow down your shopping choices considerably and make it a lot easier to choose the scanner that is right for you.

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